Critical Skills for Recovery and Resilience

A Combined Coaching and Training Programme for those who Aspire to Greatness
  • Managing Competing Priorities
  • Developing Emotional Resilience
  • Handling Difficult Conversations

As the world aims to forge ahead of the pandemic, hope is beginning to rise. Success means people and businesses are recovering from the dark sides of 2020. But recovery may not be for every person or business. Recovery will be for those who can maximize the value of their efforts with focused discipline; those who cultivate the mindset of the resilient; and who can turn difficult conversations into opportunities when the stakes are high, and failure is not an option.

Join the next cohort of 3 Critical Skills and grab the skills to:

  • Create a personal productivity routine that streamlines your competing priorities, and helps you achieve your goals consistently
  • Develop a resilient and adaptive mindset to forge ahead towards your goals, despite the several crises and challenges around us
  • Overcome the interpersonal obstacles that impede your progress, by mastering how to skillfully handle the conversations that matter for reaching your goals

Wisdom and coaching from the trenches await you!

Structure of the Course

  • Runs for two days a week, three hours per day, for three weeks
  • Staggered schedule to give you the flexibility you need
  • Combines online live sessions with offline personal practice
  • Expect to confront your realities and be open to discovery and insights

What you will get

  • Skills for positive engagements, handling emotional moments, building adaptive skills, goal getting, and more
  • Personal insights and discoveries on attitudes, behaviours, and work patterns
  • Extended personal coaching time at no cost to you
  • Access to course materials and video sessions
  • Coaching on how to use the world’s best productivity tool to work smarter, plus free registration

Your investment for the Course

You only get to pay N39,950 as your investment
For maximum impact, registration for this course is limited. Reserve your place now and you will be advised of your cohort.