Agile Goal Setting

Course Overview

Are you struggling to set and achieve your goals in today’s fast-paced world? Do you feel overwhelmed by the constant changes and uncertainties that surround us?

This  Agile Goal Setting course teaches participants  how to apply agile methodologies to goal setting that can be flexed as needed to meet changing prioroties and circumstances.

  • Practice techniques to break down large goals into smaller, manageable tasks, and prioritize them based on urgency and importance.
  • Learn how to develop resilience, manage stress, and improve your overall well-being.
  • Use data and feedback to monitor your progress and adjust your goals as needed.

Whether you’re an individual looking to improve your personal or professional life or an organization seeking to enhance the productivity and performance of your teams, this  Agile Goal Setting course is the perfect solution.

Join our Agile Goal Setting course today and learn how to adapt, thrive, and achieve success in today’s fast-paced world

Other Information

Scheduled Dates:

13 Apr 2023
26 Jul 2023
30 Oct 2023

N75,000 VAT. Excl.