Mindset & Self-Motivation

Course Overview

Welcome to our life-changing Winning Mindset and Self-Motivation training program!

Having a winning mindset and self-motivation in today’s fast-paced world is crucial to achieving success. This course teaches individuals and  team to develop the mental toughness and inner motivation they need to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Through exciting and interactive training modules, participants learn how to cultivate a positive mindset, develop resilience in the face of adversity, and stay motivated even in the toughest of times. They’ll also learn how to set and achieve meaningful goals, build self-confidence, and communicate effectively with others.

Create a culture of excellence and high performance by stimulating the mental toughness and motivation for getting things done at work.

Register today for Winning Mindset and Self-Motivation and experience the transformative impact.

Other Information

Scheduled Dates:

22 May 2023
21 Aug 2023
20 Nov 2023

N55,000 VAT. Excl.