MS Project Training

Course Overview

This MS Project course offers a comprehensive introduction to this powerful project management software. With our expert guidance, you’ll learn how to streamline your project management process, track progress, and keep your team on schedule and within budget.

Our MS Project course covers all the key features and functionalities of this popular software, including task management, resource allocation, budget tracking, and more. We’ll teach you how to use MS Project to create detailed project plans, set realistic timelines, and manage resources effectively, so you can stay on top of your projects and exceed your goals.

The course is taught by experienced project management professionals who have years of hands-on experience using MS Project in real-world settings. You’ll benefit from their expertise and learn the best practices for using this powerful tool to manage projects of different requirements and complexities.

Whether you’re looking to boost your career prospects, improve your project management skills, or simply stay up-to-date with the latest software tools and techniques, our MS Project course is the perfect choice.

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Other Information

Scheduled Dates:

1 – 2 Jun 2023
4 – 5 Sep 2023
4 – 5 Dec 2023

N80,000 VAT. Excl.