Overcoming Sales Objections

Course Overview

Objections are a common challenge faced by sales professionals, but with our expert training, you can learn how to confidently address and overcome them. This Overcoming Sales Objections course helps participants to master the art of  turning sales objections into opportunities and close more deals than ever before.

Led by experienced sales professionals, this course will teach you how to:

  • Anticipate objections, identify their root causes, and respond with persuasive and effective solutions.
  • Reframe objections to help prospects discover the real value of your offering.
  • Build necessary rapport to communicate your value proposition in a way that resonates with them.

Our proven techniques have helped countless sales professionals across industries to increase their closing rates and exceed their targets.

Don’t let objections hold you back from achieving your sales goals – enroll in our Overcoming Sales Objections course today and start selling more!

Other Information

Scheduled Dates:

10 May 2023
9 Aug 2023
8 Nov 2023

N55,000 VAT. Excl.